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Main features

Here you can read about key features of this app.

Experienced Professional

The numerologist Maria Orlanda Furlanetto has more than 25 years of experience in this area. You can totally rely on the result of consultations.

Error proof

A numerologist, as experienced one can be, is a human being and thus susceptible to making mistakes. A good computer program, however, does not make mistakes, ensuring a 100% accurate numerological study.


You can be sure that the data that you input in this app are protected and won't be used anywhere without your permission.

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We also have free services

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Personal Year

Learn more about your Personal Year that has influences on the behavior and attitudes.

Car plate

The car plate determines the chances the vehicle will be involved in traffic accidents.

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A list of our amazing services

Pick the service suitable for you.

Child Name

It's one of our services, that will help you to choose a good name for your child that determines his individual ego.

Event Date

This service will help you to analyze the best day for important event.


Company Name

If you want to create your company, this service will be useful to pick the best name, which will lead you to prosperity.

Business and Residence Addresses

Analyzing an address allows you to determine whether or not a property is suitable for a business or residence.